Get Growing: 5 Tips for Watering Your Grass

Taking care of your lawn throughout the seasons is key to helping it grow properly and stay healthy. Here are the top tips for watering your lawn to keep it looking beautiful.

The Best Ways Keep Your Lawn Hydrated & Looking Great

1. The “Tuna Test”

A good way to gauge how much to water your lawn is to place an empty tuna fish on your lawn as you run your sprinkler. Time how long it takes for the can to fill up, this is how long you should water your lawn for – once a week.

2. Get an Early Start

Watering your lawn in the early morning is best. This will help to avoid extra evaporation during hotter afternoons and deter fungus growth that can be caused by watering at night.

3. Three Times a Week

Ideally water your lawn three times a week for best results.

4. Play By The Rules 

Remember to abide by municipal restrictions and water bans in effect in your area to help conserve our precious water resources.

5. Set It and Forget It

These rules might feel like a lot of work, but hooking up a water timer can save you the worry. These handy hose attachments hook up directly to your home’s external water supply and automatically water your lawn with your set timing. You can find automatic hose timers at your local hardware store.

Keep it Growing…

Read our post about Top 5 Spring Lawn Mowing Tips and Extra Care for Super Healthy Grass to learn more about how best to care for your yard.

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