Get Growing: Extra Care for Super Healthy Grass

So you want to be a grass guru? Or many you just want your yard to look better than your neighbour’s. Either way – great grass can really help your home look its best. Here are a few extra tips to make sure your lawn stays super healthy this year.

Expert Ways to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Let It Breathe

You’ve likely heard of aerating, a process that pokes holes in your lawn to encourage proper grass growth. As your lawn matures, the soil will compact and undergrowth can thicken, making it difficult for water and nutrients to get down to the roots. Springtime is the best season to aerate your lawn. To learn more, read our post about why you should aerate your lawn.

Seeding is Believing

A technique called “over seeding” can help to give your lawn an extra boost. Spreading new grass seed overtop of your entire lawn will fill in patchy areas and help to build a healthier, stronger grass bed. Best to do in early spring after the last of the snow melts, over seeding will keep your grass looking lush and healthy.

Feed Your Grass with Fertilizer

No, we don’t mean just letting the dog do his business! Applying fertilizer to your lawn in early spring will give your grass a nice boost at the beginning of the growing cycle. Another dose just before summer provides the extra nutrients for top growing throughout the sunny summer months. Keep in mind that fertilizing your lawn will also feed the weeds growing throughout it, so be sure to pull or treat those before an application of fertilizer.

Keep it Growing…

Read our post about Top 5 Spring Lawn Mowing Tips and 5 Tips for Watering Your Grass to learn more about how best to care for your yard.

Want Great Grass – Without the Work?

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