Get Growing: Top 5 Spring Lawn Mowing Tips

Getting your yard off to a good start can really help it thrive throughout summer. We’ve put together our top tips on lawn care to ensure your grass can get growing fast and strong!

AWPM’s Lawn Mowing Tips for Beautiful Grass

1. Stay Sharp

Sharpening your lawn mower blade will ensure you’re slicing the grass blades, vs. tearing or ripping them.

2. Start Short

Your first few cuts should be shorter. Giving your lawn initial cuts on a lower / shorter mower setting lets more sun and water get to the base and roots of the grass, bringing nutrients to help start the season right.

3. Adapt for Hotter Weather

Continue to raise your mower blade height every 1 or 2 weeks, until it reaches 2.5″ to 3” high. This will help your lawn to retain moisture and protect the grass root system from drying out as the summer heats up.

4. Rule of Thirds

Every lawn grows at it’s own pace, so there’s no set rule for how often to cut your grass. Generally, aim to cut off 1/3 of the grass blade (or less) to avoid shocking your lawn.

5. Night Cuts

If possible, it’s best to mow your lawn during the evening so the fresh cut isn’t directly exposed to the daytime sun.

Keep it Growing…

Read our post about 5 Tips for Watering Your Grass and Extra Care for Super Healthy Grass to learn more about how best to care for your yard.

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